D2 Damage Calculator
Base Damage: Difficulty: Attacker:
Energy Shield%: Bone/Cyclone Armor Left: Player Hireling Minion Boss Monster
Magic/Damage Reduction: Type Resistance%: Player Hireling Minion Boss Monster
Type Absorb%: Absorb Int: Defender:
Telekinesis BaseLevel: Damage to Mana%:
Damage Taken:
Life Mana Armor

D2 Dmg Calculator

This will perform the predicted Diablo II damage-dealt stuff for your battles! Fun, no?

Here's how you use this form:

  1. Fill in the fields with the stated values.
  2. If a hireling is doing the damage, adjust the difficulty:
  3. Click Calculate.
  4. Voilà: Your results appear.
  5. Please note: This information is based on This Page, and is usable at that discretion.
  6. Also note that, according to that page, only Physical Damage triggers Energy Shield/Mana Absorption, so adjust Resistances accordingly.
  7. It also appears that Crescent Moon's Magic Absorb variable is not taken into account in this formula, due to it being left out from the informative page this is based on.
  8. Golems should be considered Minions, but take 60% of the damage Minions take. This has not been factored into this.
  9. Lastly, I know that as variables reach higher limits, the integers break down. I am not sure what causes this, but treat 19.99999999996 as 20, for all logical purposes, etc.